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Entrance ticket to Tivoli for two consecutive days for guests 8 years of age and over.

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Tivoli Puzzle Try Tivoli Gardens new digital game

Tivoli Puzzle takes you on a magic journey through Tivoli Gardens. Earn points you can use for admission tickets, food and other Tivoli goodies.

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With the hotel's central location in Copenhagen just walking distance from Tivoli and the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), you are guaranteed a hotel experience that's out of the ordinary. 

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Price's Diner Restaurant

Delicious, freshly made hamburgers and American-style food.

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Tivoli today

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ELF - The Musical The Tivoli Concert Hall
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Halloween in Tivoli 13 October - 5 November

3 weeks of autumn fun

For three weeks, Tivoli will be transformed into a cozy and enchanting Halloween universe. As the warm autumn colors adorn the gardens we wish to welcome everyone: families with children, entertainment buffs, diners and anyone who might enjoy a stroll in the beautiful surroundings.

You can also discover the many Halloween booths offering everything from delicious food to carving pumpkin heads.


virtual reality-ride

First time in Denmark!

Imagine being strapped into a wild roller coaster at 80 km per hour, exposed to 4G, passing through three loops and experiencing a physical drop of 20 meters. The experience will soon become even wilder with a virtual reality tour of fire-breathing dragons, demons and exploding fireworks taken from ancient Chinese mythology.

The journey into virtual reality starts as soon as you put on your headset. Enjoy the ride, because now there is no turning back!

Please note:
A virtual reality-ride in the Demon is optional and will cost 25 DKK in addition to the normal ticket price. 


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